Mimi Hearing Technologies

Strategic partnership for new segments and new industries

Starting Situation

Mimi Hearing Technologies has been highly adapted to certain solutions in digital products. By 2017, first consumer product integration has been made with the integration in the headphones of beyerdynamic. Now the company is looking for further product integration especially on new audio segments or other industries like automotive. 


Emovation has been assigned to lead the strategic partnerships for new segments and new industries. Further integration of consumer audio products has been into scope. Emovation supported new platform adaptation as well as integration to additional product segments like TV or soundbars. Furthermore, the automotive adaptation and promotion to dedicated audio teams in the automotive segment is the focus of the long-term partnership.

About Mimi Hearing Technologies

Mimi is the world’s leading provider of hearing-based audio personalization. Because we all hear differently, Mimi’s team of in-house hearing scientists developed its biologically-inspired and proprietary audio processing technology, that knows how well a user hears in order to optimize the individual listening experience. It is based on years of research and informed by the results of over 1.5 million Mimi Hearing Tests. Along with its award-winning technology, Mimi can also claim to have created the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles.

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