Chal-Tec / Berlin Brands Group

Partner for cross-brand strategy and new product developments

Starting Situation

Chal-Tec wants to extend the sales more globally and enter the field of smart IoT devices. The US market with all related product implications and adaptation has to be managed. A holistic product plan with strategic partnerships on the IoT segment should be created.   


Emovation has been announced as a partner for cross-brand strategy and new product developments. Emovation supported the market entrance to US, especially in the field of product certification and product adaptation including the packing and manuals. Due to the US market entrance, emovation has supported the overall product strategy.

Certain existing and new products have been tested and optimized. New product features and new product improvements have been integrated and managed over many SKUs. 

In November 2017, Chal-Tec started a new IoT development with connected smart devices. Emovation supported the overall strategic planning, the partnership collection and mentoring. A holistic customer journey, over all channels and certain brands has been the focus of the IoT strategic plan.

About Chal-Tec / Berlin Brands Group

Chal-Tec GmbH is an e-commerce company based in Berlin. The company develops and sells 13 own brands in the segments of household appliances, consumer electronics, sporting goods and event technology in 18 European countries. The products are sold online via the company’s own platform Electronic Star, brand shops and online marketplaces. The largest brands are Klarstein (household appliances) and auna (music players and loudspeakers). Product development largely incorporates customer wishes and suggestions.

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