Emotion + Innovation

Founded in 2017, the Berlin-based organization offers holistic services on development of new product innovations and new business areas. The team, the experience and the partners are the fundament of a global development network of software, services, electronics, mechanic, usability and design.

Jens Ohler, founder

Before launching emovation, Jens has worked in leading positions for world-renowned international companies and medium-sized enterprises in the automotive and consumer industry. As Head of Product Management at Teufel Lautsprecher and Director of Product Management at Johnson Controls Electronics and Harman Inc., Jens became an expert in the field of new technologies on automotive and consumer electronics.

His most successful products were always customer- centric and been created on the latest technology platforms. The strong execution focus with a special eye on innovation, product costs and time to market is his claim. 

With more than 20 years of experience, he knows exactly which triggers and levers have to be moved for a successful product.

Adrian Schichl

Product management

Andreas Kerschbaumer

Business development

Michael Walinda

Industrial design / product strategy

Benjamin Beck

Industrial design

Dr. Peter Rößger


Andreas Dausend

Acoustic engineering

Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch

Big data & AI

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wietzke

Embedded software

Jan Peters


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