partnership on audio products

Starting Situation

Loewe has reduced the product focus to TV and TV related audio products for the last 30 years. Only some individual audio products have been released during this period. In 2018, Loewe decided to re-enter the audio segment with a full range of products – being high quality but also market relevant and affordable.


Emovation has been selected as the exclusive partner to re-enter the audio segment with a full range of products. Starting from portable up to smart speakers, soundbars and high performing HiFi audio systems. Loewe and emovation showed the potential concepts like the “concept berlin” and also a lip sync new multiroom system on the IFA 2018. Just in time for the  Christmas peak 2018, Loewe introduced – with the support of emovation – the world’s first full audio personalized TV and roll out the innovative feature to almost all actual TVs of Loewe.

In October 2018, Loewe & emovation started the development of a complete new audio line-up. First prototypes have been produced by beginning of 2019. 

By February 2019, Loewe asked Jens Ohler to become the head of Product Management – of all Loewe products – TV and Audio.

About Loewe

Loewe Technologies is a German premium manufacturer of entertainment and communication technology. The company was founded in 1923, the year in which radio was introduced in Germany, by the brothers David Ludwig Loewe (1884-1936) and Siegmund Loewe.  In addition to televisions, the product range also includes Blu-ray players, hard disk recorders, TV speakers and racks.

Business operations were discontinued due to the insolvency in 2019. As a result, the developed systems could not be presented at IFA 2019 as planned and currently there is no plan to introduce them to the market.

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