Jazz Hipster Corporation

Co-operation agreement for new advanced audio projects

Starting Situation

Jazz Hipster Corporation is an expert for development and production of smart audio products but is missing product innovation and product concept creation to actively approach new product concepts to potential customers.


The co-operation agreement between both parties enables a perfect match to offer a full service in the audio product segment.

Emovation and Jazz Hipster are focusing new product creations of audio products, especially on innovative and distributive brands – brands that are in the field of audio already or do enter audio products due to their existing product range.

Emovation is taking over the strategic concept creation with product positioning, competitor analysis, product feature definition and business planning.

Due to that strategic planning, emovation is in charge of the entire product specification – starting from product design, mechanical concept, acoustic concept and specification, electronic platform and components up to project planning.

About Jazz Hipster

Jazz Hipster Corporation, listed in Taiwan OTC from 2003, is a Taiwan / Taipei based company and more than 40 years in the business of audio products. The company has provided certain milestone products in the industry of CE and professional audio for premium brands world-wide.

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