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Emovation and Spyrosoft, a Wroclaw based Software company, agree on a partnership for the development and research on innovative automotive software applications.

About Spyrosoft: Founded in 2016 the company is active in the fields of Automotive, Financial Services, Employee Experience & Education, Geospatial, Health Care & Life Sciences and Industry 4.0. Spyrosoft has been ranked 5th place in the Financial Times 1000 Ranking of  Fastest Growing Companies in Europe end of 2020.

Emovation and Pixtunes, a Berlin based tech start-up, sign a cooperation agreement on support of the development of dynamic audio technologies.

Emovation supports the start-up with innovative approaches on consumer and automotive applications and in the field of prototype development.

Emovation developed new concepts of product innovations for and one of the leading Tier 1s (under NDA) in the field of Infotainment systems and voice technology.

Emovation and one of the largest semiconductor chip manufacturer (under NDA) sign a Memorandum of Understanding about a collaboration in the field of automotive logging technologies for the development of autonomous cars.